Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday....

A HUGE shout out goes to my FIL for taking this adorable picture....I just love it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Savannah Grace!

We celebrated Savannah's 1st birthday at the I didn't get to post to her while I was gone!


In just one year, you've changed our lives so much!

You're the most amazing little girl and you make my heart smile everyday! You are surrounded by a wonderful family that loves you so much! So much that your niece Desiree came up with the fantastic idea to write "Happy 1st Birthday Savannah!" in the sand for you. Daddy, Grandpa, Aunt Erin, Kyle and Uncle Dave all helped. It was quite the task! When they finished, everyone (even strangers in other rooms watching from their balconies) clapped for you!

Thank you for adding so much joy, love and excitement to our lives! I can't wait to watch you grow up to see the beautiful lady you'll become. Happy Birthday baby girl!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Drama in the Cool

So, this week, I'll mostly be recapping our trek to Myrtle Beach last week. Today, I'm going to highlight the drama in the pool or the "cool" as Mason so affectionately calls it.

Mason and I were playing in the pool and he was jumping off the side and I was catching him. Well, some boys jumped and splashed behind me, and I turned around really quick to give them a dirty look. I turned back around to Mason and I didn't see him jump and he didn’t tell me he was jumping, but I felt him hit my head.

Immediately I felt warmth on my forehead and there was blood everywhere. I mean...EVERYWHERE. I managed to get Mason and get out of the pool, but I had no idea where the blood was coming from, if it was him or I that was bleeding. Come to find out, it was me.

Of course, everyone else (all 12 of them) were at the beach and poor Mason was flipping out. Never during the whole trip were there just 2 people by themselves...but that day, I was lucky I guess. Some wonderful ladies came to help me and I sent one of them out to get my family. Eric was ALL the way out in the middle of the ocean riding the waves.

Eric ended up taking me to the ER (can’t wait to see the bill for that one!), and I got 7 stitches in my head. It's right at my hair line, and it looks like Mason's teeth banged on my head. I checked Mason out, but he seemed was just so scary not knowing who was hurt... :( I just kept asking the ladies that helped me, was it him or me…him or me?? I honestly have never seen that much blood or been so scared that Mason was hurt in my life. I'm just really glad it was me.

A special Seriously? WTF? moment happened as I was bleeding profusely from my head. In the commotion, the lovely lady that came to my aid grabbed the first towel she could find to put pressure to stop the bleeding. As I'm sitting with my head back and my head is bleeding...this beast of a woman walks up and asks my room number. I tell her and she replies, "Well, I'm in room 604, so when you're done using my towel, will you please wash it and return it to me?" Hello??? I'm bleeding...the last thing on my mind is washing your flippin towel.
Seriously? WTF!?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fathers Day Tribute

All you hear are the horror stories of in-laws. How horrible they mean they they meddle in your marriage...etc.

I am proud to say, that I am out-of-this-world lucky when it comes to my Father In Law and my MIL for that matter. But, this is a Father's Day tribute...

I get very emotional when I think about how important he is to me and my family and I haven't been the best at telling him how much he means to me, but that is something I'm trying to get better at.

With my dad living in CO, I rarely get to see him, so my FIL has really taken over as my dad. I get so excited when I know I am going to see him. He just makes me happy. He makes me smile every time I see him. I love spending time with him and I love just talking to him.

From day one, he and mom have made me feel like and have always treated me as part of the family and that means so much to me. How many FIL's will just randomly call you because they haven't talked to you in a week or so and check to see how YOU are doing? Not many.

He is more than I would have ever imagined as a grandpa to Savannah and Mason. He lights up when he is around them. He's always wanting to hold and be with Savannah when he's with her. He and mom have taken Mason this past week, and he's been brave enough to take Mason on runs in his truck to Louisville and Cleveland...these are trips that Mason will never forget. The kids LOVE grandpa! I never really had a relationship with either of my grandpa's so it's so cool for me to watch the kids with him. He's amazing.

So, Happy Fathers Day dad! Thank you for being an amazing father to me and Eric and a wonderful grandpa to Mason and Savannah. I appreciate all that you do for us and I love you more than you'll ever know!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!

Today's Works-for-me Wednesday highlights one of our favorite new outdoor toys! SG got a new water table for her birthday on Sunday and it's GREAT! Even Mason and the bigger kids like it! She loves to just splash around in the water and get SOAKING wet! It keeps her busy for a long time and it's something she can do with her brother! Love it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008





She's so beautiful...:)

Tackle It Tuesday!

I am VERY excited about vacation...don't get me wrong...but I have to pack. Not just for me, but for Mason and SG also.... know what packing most dreaded chore of all. DUH DUH DUH...doing laundry.

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

Have I mentioned I don't like it?

So, for me, my tackle it tuesday is going to involve finishing up the laundry that I have and start packing for me and the kids for vacation.

What do you want to tackle today???

Monday, June 9, 2008

Little Love Story Part 2

So, Erc-man and Schmitinator went away to different colleges...they talked over e-mail constantly, and over IM....they came home every weekend they could and spent as much time together as possible.

You know what they say about long distance relationships though...they are hard. VERY HARD...after their first year of college, over the summer, they decided to see other people. Both dated others, but they stayed in touch constantly. Schmitinator had a feeling that he was the one and they would end up back together, but she didn't know when or how it would happen. Right before their Senior year of college, they got back together and stayed together.

Erc-man proposed on June 8, at 12:58 Schmitinator's driveway. She had her "Best Buns in the Business" workout shorts on and was very romantic. They got married June 8, 2002, and had their first child August, 17 2005 and their second child on June 18, 2007.

If you haven't figured out already, and I'm sure you have...this story is about me and my husband. :) To many, it may seem simple, but to me, our story is a everything. We have had many plot twists and turns, character changes and additions, but after 6 years (our anniversary was yesterday) there is no one else that I want to share my main character role with. I love being married to you and I love sharing my life with you. I can't wait to see what the next chapters of our love and life holds.

Happy Anniversary baby! :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Little Love Story Part 1

A long long time ago (about 12 years ago) a short little girl named Schmitinator met a cute boy named Erc-man in their Sophomore year geometry class. Their friendship developed quickly and within a few weeks, they were best friends. Not only did Erc-man help her with her work in geometry, he also would kiss on her arm, which Schmitinator thought NOTHING of. They ate lunch together everyday and Erc-man would always try to throw straw wrappers down her shirt. It was there in that lunch room, that they decided to walk together in graduation a few years later.

Schmitinator said goodbye to Erc-man and his little red truck for the summer, and she went off to spend that time with her boyfriend. At the end of their Junior year, E and S were still the best of friends and got together with other friends to celebrate being Seniors the next year. They made T-shirts and had so much fun together. It was in those few days that S started seeing Erc-man in a different way and started feeling more than friendship for him. In true high school girl fashion, S told her best friend and made her call him and ask him what he thought about her...Erc-man had been enamoured with Schmitinator for a few years and was very excited. The next day, they went on their first date...putt-putting. They were INSEPARABLE...on on June 8th 2006 at 12:58 a.m. Erc-man asked Schmitinator to be his girlfriend. She whole-heartedly accepted.

Their Senior year was amazing...they were voted cutest couple by the Senior class, and they did everything together. It was love. and it was wonderful. They walked down the aisle at graduation together, but dark thoughts were looming in their minds. For, they were both going to different colleges and what would happen to their relationship?

To be continued....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I like apples?!

So, Mason is now at the age where he LOVES to talk on the phone...or at least hold the phone up to his ear and "try" to talk on the phone.

Last night Grandma called and he was "talking" to her...

The conversation went as follows:

Grandma: "Mason is that you?"

Mason: (((Shakes his head yes)))

Grandma: "Mason???!"

Mommy in the background: "Mason, you have to say hi...grandma can't hear you shake your head."

Mason: "Hi!"

Grandma: "What are you doing Mason? Are you getting ready for bed?"

Mason: (((Shakes his head yes.)))

Grandma: "Mason????"

Mommy and daddy in the background: "Mason, you have to talk...grandma can't see you."
Grandma: "Mason???"

Mommy and daddy: "You have to say something took the phone."

Mason: "I like apples."

There you do you like them apples?! When he decides to talk, he pulls out the most random thing to say...that's my boy. :) Eric and I laughed and laughed about that for a long time.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Things a Mother Should NEVER do Alone!

#1 on the list....let me take Savannah to get pictures BY MYSELF.

Dear LORD I got a little crazy, but with this georgeous face...can you blame me?

She's just TOO beautiful and Portrait Innovations did an AWESOME job! I was in and out of there WITH my pictures in 1 hour! It was great!