Friday, June 6, 2008

A Little Love Story Part 1

A long long time ago (about 12 years ago) a short little girl named Schmitinator met a cute boy named Erc-man in their Sophomore year geometry class. Their friendship developed quickly and within a few weeks, they were best friends. Not only did Erc-man help her with her work in geometry, he also would kiss on her arm, which Schmitinator thought NOTHING of. They ate lunch together everyday and Erc-man would always try to throw straw wrappers down her shirt. It was there in that lunch room, that they decided to walk together in graduation a few years later.

Schmitinator said goodbye to Erc-man and his little red truck for the summer, and she went off to spend that time with her boyfriend. At the end of their Junior year, E and S were still the best of friends and got together with other friends to celebrate being Seniors the next year. They made T-shirts and had so much fun together. It was in those few days that S started seeing Erc-man in a different way and started feeling more than friendship for him. In true high school girl fashion, S told her best friend and made her call him and ask him what he thought about her...Erc-man had been enamoured with Schmitinator for a few years and was very excited. The next day, they went on their first date...putt-putting. They were INSEPARABLE...on on June 8th 2006 at 12:58 a.m. Erc-man asked Schmitinator to be his girlfriend. She whole-heartedly accepted.

Their Senior year was amazing...they were voted cutest couple by the Senior class, and they did everything together. It was love. and it was wonderful. They walked down the aisle at graduation together, but dark thoughts were looming in their minds. For, they were both going to different colleges and what would happen to their relationship?

To be continued....