Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Airshow at the Airport?

We took the kiddos to the Air Show on Sunday to see the airplanes and the amazing F22 Raptor that they had. Mason hated the Raptor. It was way too loud for him and he just sat in my lap with earplugs and his hands over his ears telling me that he doesn't really like airplanes. He's so silly.

Sunday night:
Mason: "momma, I had lots of fun at the Airpork today."

Momma: "What did you say buddy?"

Mason: "I had fun at the air PORK"

Momma: (LAUGHING) "Honey, it's the air POR-T"

Mason: "Air POR-K"

I personally like air PORK a lot better anyways! :)


Jean said...

I agree...air PORK sounds a lot more fun!

Marie said...