Friday, December 19, 2008

I know...I know...

It's been awhile. Eric and I went to Vegas and it's been crazy at work and I've lacked the time to update my blog. :(

Let me start with a funny post.

Mason and Santa. :)

Ask Mason what he's asking Santa for Christmas and he says everytime...a Lighting McQueen Race track. And for 3, saying the same thing and being that consistent means a lot!

So, last weekend, at Eric's work, they hosted a Breakfast with Santa...and Mason was SO excited to see Santa and tell him what he wanted. So, he gets on Santa's lap....

tells santa what he wants..."A Lightning McQueen race track" and chit chats for a few.

Mason gets down from Santa's lap...looks at me and says..."Well, where's my race track?"

I had to explain to him that Santa doesn't bring the presents until Christmas, etc. It was hilarious! I love that kid!