Monday, June 23, 2008

Drama in the Cool

So, this week, I'll mostly be recapping our trek to Myrtle Beach last week. Today, I'm going to highlight the drama in the pool or the "cool" as Mason so affectionately calls it.

Mason and I were playing in the pool and he was jumping off the side and I was catching him. Well, some boys jumped and splashed behind me, and I turned around really quick to give them a dirty look. I turned back around to Mason and I didn't see him jump and he didn’t tell me he was jumping, but I felt him hit my head.

Immediately I felt warmth on my forehead and there was blood everywhere. I mean...EVERYWHERE. I managed to get Mason and get out of the pool, but I had no idea where the blood was coming from, if it was him or I that was bleeding. Come to find out, it was me.

Of course, everyone else (all 12 of them) were at the beach and poor Mason was flipping out. Never during the whole trip were there just 2 people by themselves...but that day, I was lucky I guess. Some wonderful ladies came to help me and I sent one of them out to get my family. Eric was ALL the way out in the middle of the ocean riding the waves.

Eric ended up taking me to the ER (can’t wait to see the bill for that one!), and I got 7 stitches in my head. It's right at my hair line, and it looks like Mason's teeth banged on my head. I checked Mason out, but he seemed was just so scary not knowing who was hurt... :( I just kept asking the ladies that helped me, was it him or me…him or me?? I honestly have never seen that much blood or been so scared that Mason was hurt in my life. I'm just really glad it was me.

A special Seriously? WTF? moment happened as I was bleeding profusely from my head. In the commotion, the lovely lady that came to my aid grabbed the first towel she could find to put pressure to stop the bleeding. As I'm sitting with my head back and my head is bleeding...this beast of a woman walks up and asks my room number. I tell her and she replies, "Well, I'm in room 604, so when you're done using my towel, will you please wash it and return it to me?" Hello??? I'm bleeding...the last thing on my mind is washing your flippin towel.
Seriously? WTF!?


Margaret said...

OH my gosh, Jenni, I bet that was so scary!! Hope you're feeling better!!
P.S. I cannot believe that crazy lady asking you to wash her towel!! What a freak!