Friday, May 23, 2008

Being Extraordinary

As I sit here about to fall asleep because I had a late night last night. no, the kids weren't up. I was up until 11 watching the Grey's anatomy finale. It was wonderful.

I fought and fought with myself the whole time I was watching as to if I was actually going to stay up, but I made it, and I'm so glad I did. It was an awesome finale for all those Grey's fans out there. I highly recommend the Grey's writers blog if you haven't checked it out yet. So, Meredith finally understood that her mother wanted her to be extraordinary, not in her career, but in love.

It made me wonder about my life and the opportunities that I've been given to be extraordinary, and these are all (ok, some) of the things I'm most proud of.

  • Eric and I's 6th anniversary is coming up and I truly believe that our love is extraordinary.
  • I try hard every day to be an extraordinary mother to Mason and SG. It's not always easy, but I hope one day they will reflect back and know that I loved them so much and did everything possible to make them happy.
  • I truly believe that my love for learning is extraordinary. I'm dying to go back to school and if I could be a professional student I would. My goal in life is to get my doctorate degree and I WILL do it! :)
  • I have developed some extraordinary friendships in the past few years. For that, I am unbelieveably thankful.

I know there's more, but my lack of sleep is clouding my efforts to be an extraordinary blogger. :)