Friday, May 16, 2008

I have a date with McDreamy! YUM!

So, tonight I'm going on a date with McDreamy. Ok, I know we just saw each other last night at Seattle Grace, but tonight, we have a wedding date. I know, I have issues.

I'm looking forward to my Girls Night Out with my friends tonight. We are going to dinner, and then out to see Made of Honor with none other than, Senor Pizza's delivery man (Loverboy movie reference for those who aren't up on their Dempsey trivia!) True, the story does sound the exact same as My Best Friend's Wedding (one of my favorite movies by the way) but what a fun movie to go see with the girls!

It sounds like it's going to be a quiet weekend at the Pierle house, we'll see how it turns out though. Tiger is playing in a golf tournament in the morning and the kids and I are planning to make a trip to the outlet mall, which Mason mistakenly believes is the "grocery store." No honey, the grocery store is NOT fun, but the mall IS! :) For his future wife's sake, I hope he continues to believe that the grocery store is EXCITING! :)