Monday, May 5, 2008

Letting Go and Being Brave

I'm amazed everyday as I watch my kids grow up. Everyday there is something that I am in awe about. SG has definitely caught my attention these last few days. Now, I watched Mason grow up and it's funny how I don't remember him doing this.

Savannah's started letting go. She'll stand up and lean against me and then she pushes off to stand on her own. She's testing the water and seeing how far she can go. Sure, sometimes she falls right on her butt (kinda like her mom) but then sometimes she just stands there tall and amazes herself AND me. I hate that she's growing up. She's getting so brave and independent and it's fascinating to watch. I guess it's nice that she's still leaning on me for support, but she's growing up so fast!

It's funny, we all get so comfortable with our day to day lives, but my daughter's lack of fear has prompted me to question myself. What is there that I need to step out and be bold and brave about?