Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A touching ending to a trying day!

So yesterday was one of those days that is just hard on a mom.

Taking the kids to school yesterday was just awful. Savannah had a major breakdown and wouldn't stop crying for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Mason, fighting for my attention, started doing the same exact thing. It was heartbreaking. Again, Mason had to be pulled off of me when I left. I HATE that part about working...I really do. We did however get to go have a special Thanksgiving day lunch with the kids, that was overshadowed by another rough leave by me with Savannah. I was just spent emotionally the whole day. the touching part. :)

Eric was bowling so the kiddos and I hung out and had a fun evening. Wherever Mason was, Savannah wanted to be. It was about Savannah's bedtime and I was trying to get her to sit with me on my chair. She wanted nothing to do with it. She walked over to Mason on Daddy's recliner and just kept patting to get up there. Mason looks up at me and says, "momma...I don't have any room!" Cue the Savannah crying breakdown. Mason then moves his sleeping bag, Toby and car out the way and gently pats his lap for his sister to join him. It was the sweetest thing.

So, I helped Savannah up and she was instantly at ease on Mason's lap. They just laughed and watched the show together. Mason would occasionally look down at his sister and cuddle up closer to her. It was so adorable. A few minutes later, Vannah was asleep...happy and content with her big brother Mason! :)

I am very thankful that a moment like that overshadowed the trying episodes of earlier that day. From the hardest parts of being a mom to the BEST parts of being a mom. What a way to end the evening. :) It is really just an amazing thing watching my children protect and love each other....amazing!


girlsmom said...

Awwww, Jenni, that is so sweet!

Marie said...

those moments are priceless