Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night on the way home from school (when all the deep conversations about life take place) Mason was telling me all about his day. He was telling me about how he saw a HUGE Jet at school and how loud it was. He then went on to talk about how when we go to Disneyworld someday, HE's going to fly the jet.

I calmly explained that he can't fly the jet now, so he corrected and said that he wants to do it when he's bigger.

Then, being the super mom that I am (:-)) went on to tell him, "Honey, you can be anything you want to be...anything in this world!"

Cue complete silence in the backseat.

Mason then says, "Well, than I want to be Piderman (his rendition of Spiderman)"

Mason continues, "I'm gonna be Piderman and I'm gonna shoot Whoopins and get the bad guys."
"Whoopins" I say? I'm of course thinking of getting spanked, etc.
Then I realize he means WEAPONS! I immediately cracked up. I like Whoopins a whole lot better anyway. :) The things he says just CRACKS. ME. UP.