Monday, November 3, 2008

Seriously? November?

What the HECK happened to October...or September for that matter. It's November. There are officially 51 days until Christmas.

Where does the time go?

October was a crazy month for us...filled with exciting times...such as:

  • My first FALL Vera trip! Whoo hoo!
  • A very exciting Pizza train ride with Grandma and Grandpa, which whenever Mason thinks we are going to go to a park, he thinks we are going on a pizza train too! :)
  • A fun birthday party!
  • TWO trips to the pumpkin patch
  • Beautiful family pictures were taken
  • Mason's 3rd Halloween and Vannah's 2nd halloween!

I'm tired just thinking about it, and those were just on the weekends! If the trends follow, I'm sure that November will be just as exciting and busy. :)

I have so many things that I hope to get accomplished in November... how about you? What are your goals for this month that will be over before we know it?!