Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 going on 13...

I didn't think I would have to deal with this yet! I really didn't.

Talking back and attitude have entered my house big time.

Granted, Mason, Savannah and I had a lot of alone time this weekend, but Mason was just downright crazy! He would run around like a crazy person and then jump on the table.

Me: "Mason...get off the table!"
Mason (smiling and pointing at me): "No...YOU get off the table."

OMG....Lord...help me!

Me: "Mason, stop saying poop!" (his favorite word these days)
Mason: "No momma....YOU stop saying poop!"

And that same conversation continued the whole day yesterday! Everytime I would tell him not to do something, he always had the same response. It was INSANE!!! Where did my cute innocent little boy go? I don't want the teenager, talking back attitude, constantly testing me.... yet.

Memo to Mason: I want the cute little boy that says, "I love you momma" and "airpork" and tells his sister "I love you Savannah." Come back to me. Just come back! :)


girlsmom said...

Ack! Lochlyn does that to me all the time! "No, YOU watch your mouth, Mom!"

Jean said...

some day we'll all look back on this and laugh, right?