Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Being a mom...

My previous post spurred a thought I had last night that I wanted to share. Last night I was talking to my mom on the phone (as I do religiously every night). I was sharing with her my thoughts, frustrations, and trials and tribulations of being a mom right now to my 2 adorable, yet needy children.

It hit me.

That was me. I was that same little drama filled needy child...and I'm sure my mom would agree adorable. ;-) But, my mom went through the same trials, tribulations, experiences that I'm going through.

I can't imagine what that must feel like as a mother to hear your daughter relaying the details of their lives...the joys and hard times they are going through as they go through this ride they call motherhood...and you have the same flashbacks of 28/29 years ago and feeling the same exact thing.

I had to say thank you. It was yesterday that I realized...when I was three or one for that matter, all that my mom had given up to make sure that I was that happy little girl that proudly sang "new york new york" to ANYONE that would listen. The time that she gave up, the dinners that she cooked even though she was exhausted and didn't feel like even walking to the kitchen, the sanity that she lost, the attention that she lost, the $$$$$ that she put out, the energy that she gave us, the love that she constantly showed always with a smile...

I'm not saying that it wasn't rewarding...I was a good kid....until I got to be older (yeah...I know...throwing the "I hate you" on a paper plane wasn't my best moment) ...but wow. I realize it now.

To all my mommy friends that are reading this that are going through this ride with me....THANK YOU for being there as I talk about losing my mind and the drama and the good times I'm facing. You're keeping me sane. Really.

To all of you wonderful mothers that are watching your grandkids grow up...thank you for making us the mothers that we are and for giving us the strength to watch our children grow.

To my wonderful (most of the time) Mason and Savannah...I can only hope that one day...30 years from now, when you are raising your own'll hit much joy, love, attention and time I've given you and the sacrifices I've made to make sure that you're the smartest, brightest, well-rounded, happiest dang kids in this world. Maybe even tell me thank you...I sure as hell know I'll love to hear it! :)


The Smith Family said...

What a sweet and thoughtful post!!!
And oh, how true!!! :)

Marie said...

perfectly stated and so very true!