Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've been tagged! My First Baby:

Wilma tagged me!

Me and My First Baby

  • Were you married at the time?
    Yep...we were married for over 2 years...

  • What were your reactions when you found out you were pregnant?
    SOOO excited! We had been trying for awhile!

  • How old were you?

  • How did you find out you were pregnant?
    Home pregnancy test.

  • Who did you tell first?
    Eric was there when we took the test, so he knew first, then I told my mom at lunch that day.

  • Did you want to find out the sex?
    Oh yeah!

  • Due date:
    September 4, 2005

  • Did you deliver early or late?
    Almost 3 weeks early

  • Did you have morning sickness?
    Nope...I was one of the lucky ones..

  • What did you crave?
    Sour candy...sweetarts, etc.

  • Who irritated you the most?
    People that kept asking me if I was having twins...

  • What was your first child’s sex?
    An adorable little boy!

  • How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy?
    Probably around 40 lbs.

  • Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?

  • Where did you give birth?
    At Methodist Hospital

  • How many hours were you in labor?
    Around 19, and then ended up in a c-section.

  • Who drove you to the hospital?

  • Who watched?
    Eric was in the surgery with me for the C-section. My mom and Eric were with me when I was pushing before that.

  • Was it vaginal or c-section?

  • Medication?
    They gave me Nubain at first...then I asked for the REAL drugs...an epidural. I got a 2nd one when I went in for my c-section.
    How much did your child weigh?5 lbs 15 oz, so very very very tiny.
    What did you name him/her?Katelyn Joanna (Kate)
    How old is your first born today?Three in a few days!Tagging Debra, Leah, Jean, Jenni, KarlaIf you are new to tagging, link the Tagger to your Meme and then the links/names of the people you are tagging!Copy and paste the questions and put in your own answers.Looking forward to reading yours!