Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Threes

Three of my Halloween candy favorites that we’ve been known to steal from my kids’ trick or treat bags…

  1. Twix!!! YUM!
  2. Sixlets...I LOVE these! I remember these were my favorite when I got these trick or treating!
  3. Sweet tarts! I can't refuse!

What are YOURS?


Liz said...

Oh fun!!

1. Mary Janes- those peanut buttery things in the brown-black or orange waxy paper.

2. Reese cups. Somehow they just taste better when you get them from someone else's house.

3. Money. OK, it's not candy. But as a poor kid, I always thought it was cool when folks handed out coins.

Mind you- I only got to go trick or treating a handful of times (maybe 3-4) over the course of my childhood. My mom was anti-Halloween.

kidletsmum said...

What are sixlets???

My top 3:

1-vanilla Tootsie Rolls
2-purple lollipops
3-candy corn

Jenni said...

Sixlets are like generic m&m's...they are SO good!

Mel said...

Twix - oh yeah, got my attention, but you gotta have candy corn at halloween girl!
so....1) twix 2) candy corn, 3)reeces cups..or snickers bars.

: )

koopermom said...

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Marie said...


kit kat

milky way/snickers-it was always a tossup with these two