Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

It is Wednesday right? Forgive me, I'm fighting a beast of a cold! This week's WFMW is a book. A book that always makes my kiddos laugh....

SkippyJon Jones...Up and Down...

I feel it's necessary to tell you that there are actions associated with each page. Vannah and Mason's favorite is sniffing NEAR and is then that I proceed to sniff like a dog each of them. I think more than the book, I treasure the page before, when they both know the sniffing page is coming up and they get all tense and excited! I love it!

My second favorite thing...seeing Vannah wrinkle up her nose and try to mimic the sniffing.



Marie said...

We love Skippy JonJones in our house! And we don't have that particular one...I think Santa may bring that one for us. I can just imagine savannah wrinkling up her little nose to cute!